Hearing the word “Bali”, we will surely think about holidays, relax, enjoying the beach and tourist’ attractions and other things related to it. But this time Bali became a place, where we held Digital Ministry workshops. Working and practicing on how to use methods and tools we already have and how to develop the ministry in the future, especially in this digital era, the time where all activities require us to do things digitally.


From November 2 – 4, located at the “Palm Beach Hotel”. Some friends from various regions in Indonesia came to join this program.  The atmosphere was supportive, because it was held in a quiet and comfortable place that was suitable for workshops like this. Three IT volunteers, were present to help us understand and showed us the ins and outs of websites and Apps so that we will use them better in the future.

Starting an important ministry like this requires a clear vision and hard works, because a lot of things have to be done, especially to cover Indonesia’s very large area. We feel that only few workers really have the burden of serving through this field. But seeing the enthusiasm of all participants from the first to the last session, we believe that in the future there will be many friends who want to be involved in this ministry.


As an adage said “We move with the movers”, we want to move with all friends who are ready to move together and serve through this field, for we believe that “for God nothing is impossible”. (by WS translate by RS)

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