Campus Crusade for Christ International was founded by a young businessman who gave up his life and wealth to Christ.

Bill and Vonette Bright made an important decision in their lives in 1951, they signed on an agreement with Christ that said they were slaves of Christ. Their decision then affected thousands of people around the world including Indonesia.


On August 2, 1968 an institution was established for students named Lembaga Penginjilan (Institution for Students Evangelization) which later became Lembaga Pelayanan Mahasiswa Indonesia, started by Rev.Ais Pormes.


On LPMI’s 50th years of Ministry in Indonesia, a National Staff Conference was held for its staff members on July 29 – August 1st, 2018, at Kinasih Resort  – Bogor as many as 350 staff members met and listened to several national speakers, such as: Brig. Gen. Pol. Martinus Hukom – Director of BNPT Law Enforcement; Mr.Hary Tanoesoedibyo – CEO of MNC Group; Prof. Dr. Sri Adiningsih – Chairman of the Presidential Advisory Council. Don’t miss church leaders: Mrs. Rev. DR. Henriette Hutabarat – Lebang – General Chairperson of Indonesia Church Council; Rev. DR. Ronny Mandang – Chairperson of Indonesia Evangelical Alliance, Rev. Robinson Nainggolan – Indonesia Pentacostal Churches Chief Executive Officer. They really equipped and recharged staff members with important information for ministry development.

The reunion and group discussions were so interesting because the organizers arranged sessions in a fascinating way: grouping by GCTC Batch, by MCC and some story telling of the past experience by senior staff members, which remind the audience that starting the ministry was not easy.


Last but not least, 11 new staff Graduation. After going through 10 months of training, they graduated and were ready to be placed anywhere.

Pray that the commitment of all staff members will be stronger after being “recharged” in the National Staff Conference and continue serving the Lord wherever they are enthusiastically. (By WS)

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