Many people ask what is EXPLO, why is it held and what is the purpose of this event.

EXPLO stands for Spiritual Explosion, meaning a spiritual explosion for those who take part in it, so as to give effect to those around them, by equipping participants to convey the Good News – The Gospel of Christ- to others.

Back then, initially EXPLO was held in Dallas, United States in 1972, which was attended by around 80.000 participants. Many people were committed to serve the Lord because of attending it. Two years later Dr. Kim from Korea held such event in Seoul which was taken part by around 500.000 people. We believe that was why Korea has become the most sending country throughout the world.

In Indonesia EXPLO has been carried out since 1975 but on a small scale. In 1985 LPMI once hosted it on a large scale, joining ministries of CCC internationally. Using a satellite owned by TVRI, our national television, held at a Convention Center and attended by 5,000 participants from all over Indonesia.


Since then EXPLO has been carried out in various regions in Indonesia: Semarang, Malang, Ambon, Papua, Toraja and of course, Jakarta.


Last July 2018, EXPLO were held in 2 different regions. July 16-18 in Toraja participated by around 300 people. Then on 27-29 July it was held nationally, in the series of the 50th Anniversary of LPMI, at Wisma Kinasih, Bogor and was attended by 600 participants.

We are grateful through these two events many students and professionals were equipped to serve others and as many as 37 people committed to serving God through LPMI and become staff members.

Pray that the follow-up of this events will run smoothly and produce Christ-Centered Multiplying Disciples. (By WS)

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